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Sutton escorts from say that Jail, sometimes sounds more like a death sentence, than a punishment. I could not believe that husband had ended up in jail but he certainly had. He had been sentenced for a white color crime offense of which he was guilty. I know that he did wrong so does him, but the sentence was still over the top. By simply doing this we would unlikely to see our husband and father of 3 years, and he would never get a job again.


I stuck by him, but it was the most difficult time in my life, I could not believe that a lot of people looked down on us and I seemed like I was in prison with my husband. Eventually my husband was released from prison, and we moved away. We started again in another country, and kept ourselves to ourselves. Our lives will never be the same, and my husband, will certainly never be the same.


Dealing with loved one in jail, is one of the most challenging things that you can do. It is almost like they are lost to you but they are still part of your life. Lots of people describe that they go through a range of emotions from love to complete hatred for the person in jail. So, how do you deal with a loved one in jail?


The first thing you need to do is to analyze what you have got, If, you are in a difficult financial situation, you can always get help. In some cases, the social services will step in with additional money, other times loved ones will help. The very best thing you can do, is to help yourself. Try to stick up for yourself and get a job. This will bring back a few of yourself confidence and hopefully also relieve the financial problem. It is not easy but keeping yourself busy is the best thing you can do.


Living with the stigma of prison divides both way. Not only will it influence the person in jail, but it will affect the rest of the family as well. A lot of people will not be nice to you, and treat you like you are not part of society. It is part of the parcel, and is something that you are going to have to deal with. It is best to accept, and simply get on with life.


For children it can be very difficult to accept that a loved one is in jail. They will feel anger and the person has let them down. In a way they may have done, so it is very important to talk to the children} about their feelings. Need to they go and see the person in jail. It all depends on how they feel and you ought to talk to them about what to expect.


Returning from a prison sentence is very difficult and most people will commonly uproot their whole lives simply to obtain away from the area. Make sure it is the best for your family. You might have been in jail but while you existed, your family got on with their lives. Be proud of them and show them lots of respect. It is difficult for you, however it is tough on them as well.

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