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How to stay healthy and sexy in to old age

Can you stay healthy and sexy into old age? Of course you can stay healthy and sexy into old age, but you need to make lifestyle choices. Which are the top lifestyle choices that you should make when you want to enjoy a good sex life when you are 75 years old? Actually it is not that difficult, but you may find that you will have to make some personal sacrifices. I love sex, and when I leave Canary Wharf escorts, I intend to make the most out of my life. One of the ways to do that for me, is to enjoy a healthy sex life.

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If you want to enjoy sex when you are older, you should focus on staying healthy in general. We are keen to pop pills these days, and some of us may even believe that medications such as statins are life saviors and will improve our lives. Some medicines are good, but many of them such as statins, can cause health problems at the same time. Nearly all gents I date at Canary Wharf escorts who take statins, suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is because statins cause hormonal changes.

When you want to stay away from medications which could possible affect your hormonal balance, you should focus on eating natural foods. There is a diet known as fruit before noon. It is one of the beat diets to follow as it helps your body to produce energy. This is what heals your body and makes it work better. Before I leave home to go to Canary Wharf escorts, I always eat a lot of fruit. I got the tip from one of our receptionists, and it really works.

You should also what your alcohol intake. The wines and spirits that we drink do not only contain alcohol, but they contain a lot of sugar as well. Sugar can cause your hormones to misbehave in a big way, and it is best to cut down on sugar. I love sweets and cakes, and so do the other Canary Wharf escorts, but we also know both can affect our health in a bad way. So we do our best to stay away from them. It may take a bit of will power on occasion, but it certainly can work for you.

Exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy as well. The great thing about regular exercise is that it keeps your body weight down, and if you eat healthily, you will find that you will feel sexier as well. Do slimmer people have more sex? In general I would say that is true. Fat tissue can store and release a lot of hormones which can affect us negatively. I am sure that some of my overweight gents from Canary Wharf escorts, would feel a lot sexier if they slimmed down at least a little bit. You be amazed how good you would fell, and of course, you would be more confident as well.

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