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Arranged Marriages; How To Deal With An Ancient, Outdated Custom

A fix marriage or arranged marriage, more common in Asian countries, has remained a challenging phase in the lives of most couples for years. As lacking familiarity and improper communication between two partners, tied with a knot, are the most common factors surrounding a fix marriage, many couples end up having disputes or often take too long to settle down with changes.

To resolve the problems of a fix marriage, adults need to first understand the root cause of these problems. Preconceived notions and expectations from an unknown partner is the most common problem attached to this category of marriage. And often, most couples fail to communicate these expectations to each other and make negative impressions. The second important challenge in a fix marriage is to establish a dual relationship of love and lust with the partner. Let us look at these challenges one by one.

In a fix marriage, love and emotional attachment can never be an immediate factor. So, it is very important for both partners to allow one another some time to get into the habit of living together.

Couples in a fix marriage fall in the trap of how to say “no” to the partner when they are not comfortable with something the partner wants them to do. So, for both partners, it is essential to focus primarily on building better communication with one another since day one. This is because communication is the solution and direction to resolving all other challenges.

Both partners must open a chat with each other on most of the situations, persons and things they come across. This will help them know and understand each other’s likes, perspectives and attitude better.

If you want your partner to listen to you and do a specific thing or behave in a specific manner, choose the peaceful way of conveying your expectations. Instead of imposing your choice on him or her or resorting to anger or intimidation for getting your job done, you should simply convey what you want and seek the partner’s opinion. If your partner seems reluctant, make him or her understand that how important that job is for you. This will enhance your importance in the eyes of the partner and also make way for the love he or she would have started feeling for you.

On the contrary, in a situation where your partner wants you to do something which makes you highly uncomfortable, you must sit down and think. Here, you must weigh two aspects—the level of happiness that job will give to your partner and the level of your discomfort in doing it. Whichever side weighs more, you must select that. But in either of the cases, you must peacefully let your partner know well about your personal disliking. This will enhance communication and help your partner know your likes and dislikes. One should never surrender to such uncomfortable situations since this will lead to frustrations in the long run.

A fix marriage brings the joy of having an equally good looking partner for you since this category of marriage is mostly planned and physical appearance of the spouses is a vital consideration among the match makers. Here, pleasure to the eyes can be your biggest driving force for enhancing romance and lust. Keeping the physical intimacy gradual will always makes the bond long lasting. So, it is important for both partners to give each other ample time to feel physically comfortable with one another instead of forcing sexual contacts on day one. Check out for other ways to keep your marriage exciting and fun.

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